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If you are looking to find the perfect agenda where you could add all your daily information about your ship, or maybe you are a Shipbroker or a Ship Owners or Operator or if you are trading steels, grains , fertilizers, or coal then these are the right agenda’s for you !

The most important thing is that this agenda will help you save time and money. You can easily add all your daily shipping reports in one place. You don’t have to go through each day’s report separately. All of them are already on the same page, saving you time and energy.

You can also use this agenda as a reference guide when you need to know what kind of cargo you are carrying at any given moment. It gives you an overview of all the different types of cargo available in the market.

These daily agenda contains :

  • Operations Daily Report-Notices 
  • Voyage Details-Operations Data 
  • Daily Operation Report-Loading Port(s) 
  • Daily Operation Report-Discharging Port(s)
  • . Week’s Tasks -Daily Index 
  • Daily Notes
  • Cargo Sheet
  • Core Charterers
  • Open Cargo-Candidates
  • Fleet Position
  • Check b4 Fixing
  • Chartering In Information
  • Chartering Out Information Voyage Details

All the templates that are inside this agenda cover all the voyage aspects.

The Trading Agenda contains :

-Daily Trading Report


-Trading Details

-Shipping and Storage Costs

-Trading Loading Port Reports

-Trading Discharging Port Reports


-Weekly Trading Planner

-Trading Weekly Summary

-Monthly Trading Planner

and many other valuable tools.

So if you think these tools would help improve your activity, please feel more than welcome to order. We hope you enjoy using our products!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Thank you very much for your support!

Please find here below the links for each agenda :

For USA :

1.Shipbrokers Agenda : Grain Traders Agenda ShipBrokers Agenda[/button]

2.Ship Operating Agenda : Ship Owners-Operators Agenda

3.Ship Owners/Operators Agenda : Dry Cargo Ship Operating Agenda

4.Steel Traders’s Agenda :Steel Traders Agenda

5.Grain Traders Agenda: Grain Traders Agenda

6.Fertilizer Traders Agenda : Fertilizer’s Traders Agenda

7.Coal Traders Agenda : Coal Traders Agenda

For Europe 

1.Shipbrokers Agenda : ShipBrokers Agenda

2.Ship Operating Agenda : Ship Operating Agenda

3.Ship Owners/Operators Agenda : Ship Owners – Operators Agenda

4.Steel Traders’s Agenda : Steel Traders Agenda

5.Grain Traders Agenda: Grain Traders Agenda

6.Fertilizer Traders Agenda :Fertilizer Traders Agenda

7.Coal Traders Agenda :Coal Traders Agenda

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