Letters to Santa!


Santa Claus reading your letter

Santa Claus reading your letter

 Do you believe in miracles?


Santa knocking on your window

Santa Claus

   Do you believe in miracles?


There is nothing wrong with believing in miracles, and you know why? Because sometimes the miracles are happening, history proved that. We all had secret desires, waiting for Santa to make that magic and the desires to become true! Yes, I am sure you remember, and then, after years, you ”helped” Santa to make the miracles happen for your kids.

So if you need some magic this season, write a letter to Santa Claus. He will be glad to help you out! Tell him what you want for Christmas. You can also ask him about his life and how he got the job of delivering presents all over the world or why he lives at the North Pole? I know we are in the 20th Century but hey, this is the only way to make children happy, millions of children are waiting for Santa’s gifts and Santa brings Gifts to Children.


         Does Santa Claus exist?


                                                         We cannot prove that Santa Clause exists, but if you say that he does not exist to your kids or grandsons, they will be very disappointed.

( Hmm, you see, even myself at this old age, I have some doubts 🙂 So you play the game, not to mention that you use Santa as a behavior correction or keep their promises, so Santa will not miss your house

Santa Claus with gifts


           How does it usually work?


It is not easy, but you always have to have a plan, like in all the past years. You have some targets that you can reach only if Mr.Santa gives you a helping hand. Okay, but how can you communicate with this ”Miracle Man” with the big white beard, taking pictures of himself only after big, big lunches or big dinners? It is simple, you write him but sorry, not you, your kid, or your grandsons. Of course, if they did not reach school age, they have to believe you while you write their desires in a letter to Mr.Santa Claus( well, they do not have any other choice, isn’t it :)? And so, this is how the magic starts; this is how those reachable desires( on which you have to negotiate sometimes as if your kid’s desires are some unreachable gifts, you have to bring them with their feet on the ground :).

                            How can you make it more authentic?


There are many choices; You can send your letters to Santa at any time before December 25th. Just make sure that they arrive in time so that Santa has enough time to deliver them. You can write a letter to Santa Claus using a simple postcard letter to his postal address :


Or you can order( as I did )some exceptionally designed letters which were not so expensive but had an excellent effect.

It is not too early as the Postman has to travel a lot to reach Santa’s house. So write him from now, so the letters arrive sooner rather than later.

He lives there with his elves who work hard every day to bring toys to children around the world. If you don’t have a pen or paper handy, you can use an online form instead.

To get started, just click here.

I am posting here below a few options in case you want to choose one of them :

  1. The one @ USD.19.95 – Letters to Santa – pls click the link 
Letters to Santa


       2.The one @ USD.5.99 – Letters to Santa, pls click the link



 or maybe you want to buy a small Santa 🙂 

    If you want Santa in your house , please click the link below!


Santa Claus

Santa Claus in your house

It worked every year, and the result was fabulous! What kind of result?

Well, what is the best gift adults get from their kids? Their joy, their real happiness, their big rewarding smile! Then you can consider yourselves the wealthiest person in this world because no money can buy this feeling! This Christmas surprise your child or grandchild with the magical gift of a personalized letter and package of goodies from none other than Santa Claus!

However, before enjoying this feeling, you have to answer some questions such as :

  • Can I send a letter to Santa Claus if I am away from home?Yes, you can send a letter to Santa even if you are away from home.How long does it take for Santa to receive my letter?It takes approximately 2 weeks to receive a letter from Santa.How many days will it take for Santa to reply to my letter? Santa replies before Christmas.How old must I be to write Santa a letter?You can be as young as 3 years old and as old as 18 years old.

    What is the proper text to use to send a letter to Santa?

  • +++Dear Santa,I have been good this year and would like some presents for Christmas. Can you please bring me a new bike, a big puppy dog, a new dollhouse and a new computer, or …?+++Good luck, and although it is a bit early, please allow me to wish you and your family, very joyful and healthy holidays!


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