Blood Pressure and Diabetes Log Book After a certain age, you have to admit that your metabolism is not the same as you were in your twenties. This is why you have to take care of what you eat, and how long you sleep but most of all, you have to track your blood pressure and diabetes levels. I am not saying that this is a general rule for everyone but it was for me. After the fifties, I felt that something changed in my body. I am a dynamic person, I like to ride my bike in the morning, to do some workout but one day I felt some noise in my ears and to cut all my inner voices, I took my blood pressure and then I realized that I am getting old. Well, I was shocked because I thought that I would be able to live until 80 or 90 years old.

I started to look at my diet and I found out that I was eating too much sugar and salt. So I decided to start tracking my blood pressure and diabetes levels every week. I used a “Blood Pressure” app on my cell but well, I am old school so I felt like I want to see the figures on a piece of paper every day and after a week to compare with the previous weeks. It helped me a lot to understand where I stand now and if there are any changes. I also use a “Diabetes App” which helps me to keep track of my glucose level but again, writing down all the results was more useful and understandable. So bought a Blood Pressure and a Diabetes log book? Tracking your blood pressure and diabetes level gives you more information about your health status. You can find out if you need to change your lifestyle or medication not to mention that you can show your results to your doctor based on which your doctor can prescribe you better treatment.

How to Use a Blood Pressure and Diabetes log Book?. The first thing that you should know when buying a Blood Pressure and Diabetes journal is that you will need to write down your measurements every single day. If you don’t write them down, you won’t be able to tell if they are increasing or decreasing. This is what I did! I checked Amazon for a good Blood Pressure and Diabetes Log Book and I have ordered it. The one I found, was very good, very useful and now I am so satisfied with my choice. If you believe you are in need to have such Log Book, push the blue button to walk you to the Amazon place where you can buy that .

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Blood Pressure and Diabetes Log Book

Blood pressure,Diabetes daily log book,Check your Blood Pressure

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